The train is the world. We the humanity. 

we all dream of things we cannot have.

What am I, if I do not lift the hand I have left to avenge mine own blood and seed? He ought to kill Ser Boros at least, just to be rid of him. He looked at his stump and grimaced. I must do something about that. If the late Ser Jacelyn Bywater could wear an iron hand, he should have a gold one. Cersei might like that. A golden hand to stroke her golden hair, and hold her hard against me.

A Song of Ice and Fire alphabet:
↳  B for Bastard

Beyoncé for Time Magazine. 

The Magic Begins - 9. A character you feel the need to defend ; Draco Malfoy

"Leave me," she repeated, turning away.


Dark Ocean


Glacier by Will Griffith (2009)


Some of those boys will never come back.
Joffrey will.